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Artists performing live music on Lefty's Stage as a crowd stands in the background to enjoy the good vibes.

Dive into the Heartbeat of Live Music Brisbane Style at Lefty’s Music Hall

Hey, Brisbane! Are you constantly on the lookout for the best live music Brisbane has to offer? Or perhaps you’re a fan of mouthwatering food and signature cocktails at some of the finest music venues Brisbane is known for? If so, get ready to immerse yourself in the sheer magic of Lefty’s Music Hall.

Tucked away on Caxton Street, within the historic Baroona Labor Hall, Lefty’s is an authentic slice of Americana right here in Brisbane. The minute you enter, you’re enveloped by a sea of vibrant scarlet hues, charmed by the old-timey decor, and soothed by the entrancing twang of the fiddle—an introductory symphony that sets the pace for a remarkable evening of live music, Brisbane-style.

Supercharging the live music scene, Lefty’s isn’t just ‘another’ of your music venues in Brisbane. It’s an experience! Want live music this weekend? Lefty’s should be on top of your go-to list. Dance under the crimson lights and let the region’s best live bands in Brisbane serenade you as the spirit of Americana reaches into your soul (see gig guide).

But racing hearts and tapping toes need fuel too. That’s where our enticing American menu enters the stage right. A delightful repertoire of country-style dishes awaits you, adding the perfect culinary cadence to your evening. What about quenching the thirst you’ve worked up with all that foot-tapping, you ask? A night at Lefty’s is only fulfilled with sampling from our selection of signature cocktails. The star of our exquisite cocktail ensemble is none other than the signature Whiskey Apple, winning applause across Brisbane for its refreshing charm.

Parties make the world go ’round, and at Lefty’s Music Hall, we know a thing or two about bringing celebrations to life. Whether it’s a VIP experience for a small crowd or a full venue hire for a grand event, Lefty’s offers a vibrant, electrifying setting unlike many other venues for hire in Brisbane. No matter what you’re celebrating, Lefty’s unique ambience will add an unforgettable charm to your event.

Set in the historic Baroona Labor Hall on Caxton Street, Lefty’s is filled to the brim with charismatic character, making it the standout venue in Brisbane. As one of the famed music venues in Brisbane, Lefty’s brings its vivacious energy into every function it hosts. Check out more of our venue hire details on our Functions page and find out how you can add a dash of Lefty’s magic to your next event. Whether it’s a birthday, a corporate function, or simply a night of celebrating life, Lefty’s ensures every moment of your celebration is steeped in music, flavour, and fun. So, when it’s time to party, remember, there’s no place to celebrate like Lefty’s Music Hall.

Make a day of it! Soak in the Brisbane sunshine exploring the city’s attractions, and as the sun dips, let Caxton Street lure you in with the sound of music. Lefty’s Music Hall is a vibrant hub of music gigs, gigs surely to etch unforgettable memories of Brisbane into your heart. This isn’t just any music venue in Brisbane; Lefty’s Music Hall is a kaleidoscope of culture, ambience, and soul-stirring fun. Are live bands in Brisbane your jam? Or perhaps you’re simply seeking a place that pulsates with creativity, pleasure, and lively spirits? Lefty’s has thrown open its doors for you.

From electrifying music gigs to our famous signature Whiskey Apple cocktail, dive into the excitement that Lefty’s brings to every table and stage. Come on over, Brisbane! It’s time to indulge in the best live music this weekend, only at Lefty’s Music Hall. Welcome to an evening where Brisbane’s vibrant rhythm and music collide in a perfect dance.