Freshly Juiced w/ Flamingo Blonde, Bamboo Bonsai & Jane Street

A banner for Freshly Juiced with Flamingo Blonde, Bamboo Bonsai and Jane Street at Lefty's Music Hall.

June 24


07:00 pm

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Lefty's Music Hall

15 Caxton Street

Petrie Terrace, QLD, Australia, 4000

Delivered Monthly, we bring you Freshly Juiced. A lineup of the freshest, and tastiest artists Brisbane has to offer. Come get your dose of Vitamin C.

June’s Squeezes:

Flamingo Blonde
Flamingo Blonde is Brisbane’s newest corporate cowboy to step out on the ranch. An indie-pop artist that has been working the greater Brisbane circuit for a few years now, Flamingo Blonde is bringing enough guitar-pop grooves for everyone.

The 2020 release of their debut single ‘Picture Me Gone’ has found Flamingo Blonde supporting the likes of Hope D, Noah Dillon, Jaguar Jonze, and Sweater Curse to name a few. Backed by the area’s best backing band, ‘The Brunettes’, the Flammy B live set has grown to be an unpredictable monster that assures a memorable time for all, with plenty of shit banter embedded into the show.

Flamingo Blonde’s latest release Hotel Gloria has been a staple in the FB set for a few years and has grown to be a fan favorite. Named after a real hotel in Springwood, Hotel Gloria is a rabbit hole just waiting for you to check in.

Bamboo Bonsai
Bamboo Bonsai is the solo project of Brisbane multi-instrumentalist/producer/mix engineer Yusuf Memon. Since infancy, music has been the outlet for Memon’s inherent, prolific creativity with him learning drums and piano from a young age. However, it was at age 15, when he first picked up the guitar, that his passion for music skyrocketed. Shortly after, a preemptive writing process would start, and what would eventually result in Bamboo Bonsai began, though Memon certainly traveled through many different musical phases to reach it.

Jane Street
Being formed in late 2019, indie four piece, Jane Street, have already begun captivating audiences with their unique sound. Describing themselves as a mixture of bad decisions and too much booze, their music style is hard to pinpoint. One minute they’re playing an upbeat, reggae infused rock track about partying too much, the next their doing a stripped back acoustic ballad about the bittersweet end of a relationship. Their only constants are the lyrically driven, emotional stories they craft, and their searing guitar tones.

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